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Jay Kappraff

Jay Kappraff
Home Address:
Professional Address:
102 Rynda Road
South Orange, NJ
07079 (973) 763-7703
Assoc. Prof. of Math.
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Newark, NJ 07102 (973) 596-3490

Ph.D. (Applied Mathematics) 1974 New York University
M.S. (Chemical Engineering) 1960 Iowa State Univ.
B.Ch.E. (Chem. Eng.) 1958 New York Polytechnic

Professional Experience:
Academic Appointments
- Assoc. Prof (Math.) NJIT 1974 — present
- Instructor (Math.) Cooper Union College 1968 — 1974
Non-Academic Employment
- Aerospace Engineer NASA (Lewis Res. Lab.) 1962 — 1965
- Teacher of Math. N.Y. City Board of Ed. 1962
- Chem. Eng. Dupont DeNemours
Newport Lab.
Wilmington, Del.
1961 — 1962
Consultant Dept. of Energy 1976

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Other significant publications:
  1. Kappraff, J. and Marzec, C. «Properties of Maximal Spacing
  2. on a Circle Related to Phyllotaxis and the Golden Mean». of Theor. Biol Vol. 103,
    pp.201-226. 1983.
  3. Burridge, R., Kappraff, J., and Moshedi, C. «A Mathematical
    Model of the Sitar String: A boundary value problem with
    inelastic constraints». SIAM Journ. of Appl. Math. Vol.
    No.6, Dec. 1982.
  4. Kappraff, J. and Cohen, S. «Passive Solar Heating». UMAP
    Module. 1982.
  5. Kappraff, J. and Grossmann, W. «Effect of Hall Current and
    Rotation of Tearing Modes of a Theta Pinch». J. of Plasma
    Phys. Vol. 25, Prt 1, pp. 111-131. 1981.
  6. Kappraff, J. and Tataronis, J.A. «Resistive Effects on
    Alfven Wave Heating». J. Plasma Phys, Vol. 18, pp. 209-226. 1977.


  • Completed 11 half-hour videotapes on «Mathematics of Design». The videotapes were broadcast over Cable TV of New Jersey and several other public TV networks.

  1. Graham Foundation. Production of a Telecourse in Mathematics
    of Design. $9817. 1993-1994.
  2. National Endowment for the Arts. To write A Workbook on
    Spatial Design Mathematics. $7500 Mr. 1991 — Mar. 1992
  3. Graham Foundation. To write the book, Connections. $7500.
    Sept. 1987 — Sept. 1988.
  4. New Jersey Department of Higher Education. Experimental
    Mathematics and Communications Summer Program. PI. $15,000.
  5. Schumann Foundation. Exp. Math. and Comm. Summer Program.
    PI. $37,500. 1983.
  6. Schumann Foundation. Exp. Math. and Comm. Program. PI.
    $33,000. 1983.
  7. Graham Foundation. To write a set of Lecture Notes on The Mathematics of Design. $3000. 1980. 8. Naval Research Lab. PI. to investigate a mathematical model for the suppression of the «tearing mode» instability in a controlled thermonuclear plasma. $40,000. 1977 — 1978.
Service Activities:
  1. Organizer of three major public forums on Nuclear War at NJIT and the AAAS.
  2. Organizer and Director of the Experimental Mathematics and Communications Summer Program for inner city children from Newark. 1983 — 1985.
  3. Initiator and Director of the Treisman Program at NJIT to improve retention at the undergraduate level — 1991.
  4. Member of the Faculty Council
  5. Chairman of the NJIT Technology and Society Forum committee. Since 2004-2006 we have produced 16 Forums with such notable speakers as Freeman Dyson, Leon Lederman, William McDonough, Shirley Ann Jackson, Joseph Cirincione, and Michael Oppenheimer on such topics as stem cell research, global warming, nuclear non-proliferation, nanotechnology, sustainable development, electronic voting machines, peak oil, U.S. competitiveness, and genetic engineering.
  1. Wrote and directed a program «The Musicians and Artists of Terezin». Performed at the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship. May 1999.
  2. President of a local civic group dedicated to sound development in South Orange, NJ. 1990 — 1991
  3. Organizer of a local Chamber Music Workshop. 1991 - present.
  4. Member of the Village Baroque Ensemble
  5. Member of the Essex County Voting Task Force helping Essex County, NJ to make a rational selection of electronic voting machines to replace their lever machines..
Professional Activities
  1. Mathematics Association of America, Member.
  2. On editorial board of the International Journal of Biological Systems — a new interdisciplinary journal
  3. Guest editor of the special issue on the Golden Mean of the journal FORMA Vol 19, No. 4 (2005)
Honors and Awards:
  1. Selected for Who's Who in Science and Technology. 1983,2006.
  2. Program Recognition Award of the New Jersey Department of
    High Education for an educational summer program. 1985.
  3. Selected for Who's Who in American Education. 1993, 2006.
  4. Selected for Who’s Who in America 2006
  5. Association of American Publishers award for the best book in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy Professional and Reference for 1991 for the book Connections.
  6. CAPE award from Cable TV of NJ for best Distance Learning
    Course of 1996.

Personal Interests:

Violin, chamber music, tennis, tai chi

Опубликованные и упоминаемые в нашем издании работы Автора
  1. Generalized genomic matrices, silver means, and pythagorean triples
  2. Anne Bulckens’ Analysis of the Proportions of the Parthenon and its Meanings

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